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We’ve come a long way since our mad idea to do something called a ‘Podcast’ back in 2013… The Physio Matters Podcast changed the MSK educational landscape and we’re delighted to host various spin offs and specialist shows on our channels.

Sometimes you want to hear about best practice guidelines about the rehab of knee pain, but sometimes it’s wise to zoom in on the latest arguments in Manual Therapy or advanced practice. We have something for everyone! Check out the links below and be sure to subscribe to stay up to date in MSK – the most exciting field in modern healthcare! Not that we’re biased…

The Physio Matters Podcast

The Physio Matters Podcast is the world leading musculoskeletal (MSK) education show for therapists, by therapists.

Since 2013, the Physio Matters Podcast has been at the forefront of evidence-based reforms and continues to bring you insightful interviews with the best minds in the MSK industry. Join host Jack Chew and his team as they hold the best and brightest to account for their ideas, research and practice.

  • Stay current with the latest trends and progress in MSK and sports care
  • Hear about the real-world applications to the latest research
  • Improve your patient outcomes by learning from the best thinkers in the world

Physio Matters TV

Physio Matters TV is the home of the ultimate MSK video content designed to make you THINK!

From bitesize clinical shorts to long form documentaries investigating the most intriguing projects and people in the industry, we have the content to raise your game! Shot and produced by our very own Matt Scarsbrook, you can guarantee content that is created with clinical progress in mind.

  • See and hear about the most exciting projects in the MSK industry
  • Understand and experience the lives of the innovators that are advancing contemporary healthcare
  • Gobble up our delicious clinical shorts to stay ahead of the curve in your clinical work

Chewing It Over

Chewing It Over is the twice weekly lunchtime chat show designed to keep you abreast of what developments and controversies are afoot in health and education.

Join Jack Chew and his guests as they consider how MSK practice intersects with culture, politics and more.

  • Stay up to date with the evidence, practice developments and the innovators in the industry
  • Consider your impact and that of the industry on wider cultural trends
  • Enjoy a light-hearted but topical chat in your lunch break!

You Matter

You Matter is a podcast dedicated to you, the person behind the uniform.

Join host Jo Turner, Physiotherapist and Coach, in conversations that reach to the heart of healthcare. Who are we? What do we see for the future of our professions and the wider culture of health? And how do we sustain ourselves on that journey?.

  • Learn from experts on topics such as burnout, self-care and imposter syndrome
  • Hear from clinicians who are changing their corners of healthcare
  • Understand how concepts of worth, value and identity, shape the way we approach our careers and life outside work

Massage Matters

Massage Matters is the podcast that expertly consolidates traditional manual therapies with contemporary evidence-based practice.

Presented by The Massage Collective for manual therapists of all backgrounds, this educational show combines hands-on clinical experience, current research and specialist interviews. Our goal is to provide listeners with relevant and up to date knowledge that can be applied in clinic immediately; for better outcomes with your clients and greater collaboration between therapists. Join Anna Maria, Becky and Matt fortnightly as they dive into the detail around why Massage Matters.

  • Stay up to date with the latest thinking around manual therapy and its applications in modern healthcare
  • Turn ‘Theory to Practice’ with clinically relevant advice you can apply straight away
  • Improve client outcomes by learning from some of the leading practitioners in the field

Therapy Business Matters

Therapy Business Matters is the show for you if you’re interested in navigating the challenging and ever changing landscape of Therapy Business!

Join Physio Jack Chew and Chiropractor Rob Beaven as they explore everything from the eternal challenges of marketing and recruitment to novel issues such as pandemic procedures and insurance policies.

  • Join lively discussions about the challenges and solutions specific to Therapy Business
  • Keep up to date with the latest in Therapy Business technologies and solutions
  • Improve the efficiency of your Therapy Business by filtering the nonsense with us

Rheumatology.Physio Podcast

The Rheumatology.Physio podcast brings you up to date information, research and advice about all things relating to Rheumatology in Musculoskeletal Practice.

Host Jack March specialises in translating the research into relatable content useful to all MSK clinicians to help reduce the complexity of this difficult area. Including the popular “blog reads”, interviews and more make sure to subscribe to get all the releases directly to your feed.

  • Keep up to date with new advances in Rheumatology and MSK practice
  • Understand more about this complex area of practice
  • Improve your ability to differentially diagnose and manage Rheumatology cases

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