The new site launch!

Sep 16, 2022

We have an all new content library, CPD events series and a Therapy Live special to update you on! But first, let’s talk you through the front and back ends of our new website. We’ve simplified our public facing site to make clear what we do best; education.

We educate via our shows, our events and our content library. We’ve laid out our shows, our brands and our history to help you join us in our journey to raise standards. A new section to is the events page, for the last 3 years we have focussed on Therapy Live events which will continue in an adjusted format on an updated site soon. But we’ve had requests from our audience and our speakers to produce some targeted CPD evenings which focus on particular body parts and disciplines. These will form the Physio Matters Masterclass Series from Jan-April of 2023.

The most exciting addition though is the all new Physio Matters Content Library where members can access all their Therapy Live and Physio Matters content. We have transcribed everything we’ve ever made and search is available by keyword search to make finding what you need easier than ever. Check out this quick demo to show you want gloriousness to expect:

Not yet a member? Just £15 a month or £150 a year.

Jack also announced our Therapy Live World Cup Special which in 6 weeks time. Full details at

Hope you enjoy the new site. Please do let us know and we’ll do all we can to refine the site for your use.


Team Physio Matters